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Quick intro for Software Web Demos

I'm looking for someone to produce a high quality 5 to 10 second intro for recorded software demonstrations. I will be recording myself live in front of a white board and also recording screencasts where I walk users of my software through the product to show them how to use it, where to click, how to customize it and things like that. This short intro will show our logo, an animated background, computer generated graphics and design and have a nice musical piece as well. About me and the product? I am the founder of a software company that helps biotech companies comply with transparency laws. It's a fantastic law making healthcare better in the USA, Europe and now Canada is considering similar laws. This law requires manufacturers of drugs and medical devices to report any money, food, travel, hotel stays, or anything of value to a doctor. Some consider these things kickbacks that unfairly bias those doctors to prescribe certain drugs unnecessarily or that may be more expensive than alternatives that do not give those "transfers of value" to the doctors. Our software is very sophisticated, arguably the best in the industry. Our users love it. I am very excited to tell the world about it and help them understand the value of the law and how difficult it is to gather, compile, clean, and report the data every year to the government. Your introduction will appear at the beginning of every single one of these videos, so very high production quality is of the utmost importance. The video should draw the person in and compel them to watch more, without being annoying. Imagine watching 20 - 30 videos in a row and your intro is at the beginning of them. The watcher of these 3 to 5 minute videos should not resent that the intro is at the beginning of every one. If you remember the older TED talks with the really loud obnoxious intro - I want the opposite of that. If you notice how the intro to the more recently produced TED talks has calmed down significantly and reduced itself to simply letting you know that you are about to watch something from TED rather than this LOUD boastful proud explosion before every video. That's where I'm going. Understand too, that our software will be around for a very long time, so it needs to be something people will watch years from now and not feel dated. I'm open to anything from our logo zooming in or out, spinning around and solidifying in the center of the screen, to dramatic animated backgrounds that include some of our product screen shots, feature lists and benefits. Maybe our call to action or mission statement. Things like that. One thing I am considering is the animation of a city. The buildings pan in from the right. Clouds fly in from the left. Our software is cloud based, so as the city moves under the clouds, network cables come down, maybe wireless waves if you can make that look right, they hit the buildings and they grow into larger organizations symbolizing how our software can help the business grow